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Game News
This is no longer our Guild Page.
It has moved, and since the new site is getting spammed I have pulled the link to the new site off this page. To get the link to the new site, ask someone in game for the link.

Welcome to Ch'i

  In traditional Chinese culture, qì (also chi or ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Ch'i is frequently translated as life energy, lifeforce, or energy flow. Ch'i is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts.

Ch'i is the oldest guild on Khoonda Militia. We are a progression guild, with a family and social atmosphere.
We are still building our Core group. After that we will work on secondary groups as needed, so if you do not make it into the core group do not lose hope.

All other enjoy your stay here.
May the force be with you!
Guild News

Ulgo Siegebreaker World Boss 1/13/2012

randompokes, Jan 10, 12 1:36 PM.
On Friday the 13th at 8 PM (perfect timing), we will be taking down Ulgo Siegebreaker located on Alderaan. Since he is level 35, we will require that any participants be at least be level 33 and above. Location details and maps are located in the members section of the forums in the World Boss List thread. 

R4-GL Nar Shaddaa World Boss 1/7/12 7pm

narcussist, Jan 7, 12 3:08 AM.
Taking down the Nar Shaddaa world boss, level 32

Stationary boss, first 50% needs interupts, second 50% burn down. Calls for 8-12 players, level 30 or higher. Has an Enrage Timer. 2 Healers, 1 Tank, the rest DPS

Make sure you sign up in the raid calendar for the raid.

Watch the video 

Tatooine World Boss Traptjaw downed

narcussist, Jan 6, 12 10:03 PM.
Rinelak had one hell of a time at lvl 25, Eve was single healing for the most part, Bloodkrazi single tanked him, Eve and Blood you two did one hell of a job, the rest of us, great team work in taking this punk down.

Add another one to the Ch'i progression threw world bosses!!!

Raid - 1/5/2012 - 8pm Subject Alpha, on Taris

narcussist, Jan 5, 12 12:27 AM.
Raid forming at 730ish pm pulling around 8pm, You must be in Teamspeak, and make sure to study the fight, as I have found a couple of videos on it, so should you.

Explanation: Subject Alpha Video

Location: The Brell Sediment, in the middle of the lake -430 790 

He has an attack that knocks you high into the air and seems to reset threat. Have the offtank pick him up when he does this to the tank, but other than that, its an easy fight.Also, he seems pretty buggy at the moment, sliding around the area where you fight him 

See you there.

Screenshot of SD-O Downed

narcussist, Jan 2, 12 1:26 AM.
World Bosses
  R4-GL Down
  Rogue Cartel Warbot Soon
  SD-0 Down
  Subject Alpha Down
  The Ancient One Soon
  TrapJaw Down
  Ulgo Siegebreaker Down
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